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Commercial equipment maintenance

Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd.

Commercial equipment maintenance

  1. Check and correct pH value and disinfectant levels before use, as
    per the manufacturer’s or installers recommendations, even if the pool is being regularly serviced. This is covered later in this document.
  2. Be careful when adding chemicals, especially large doses. It is preferable to dissolve chemicals one type at a time in warm water taken from the pool, in a dedicated and clearly labeled plastic bucket, as this allows for quicker dissolving of chemicals. Stir with a timber or plastic paddle to dissolve. Always slowly add as a solution near to an inlet within the pool to aid rapid dispersal and without splashing, since undissolved chemicals can damage the pool finish.
  3. Backwash regularly, when using a sand filter. Backwashing is the process of cleaning a filter by reversing the flow of water through the medium in the filter tank.
  4. Check the pump coarse strainer basket is clean.
  5. The surface skimmer removes all floating debris; the larger debris is retained in the skimmer basket with the finer particles trapped in the filter. The skimmer basket will require emptying at intervals, and if there are trees close to the pool, frequent checking and emptying will have to be done when leaves or blossom falls.

  6. Vacuum the pool as required or consider buying an automated cleaner from Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd.
  7. The pool should be kept full of water at all times (except where winterising has been undertaken where the level may have been lowered)
  8. Leaves must not be allowed to lie on the pool floor for prolonged periods as these can cause staining.
  9. Have the pool equipment regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

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