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Chemical monthly service

Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd.

Chemical monthly service

Chemical Treatments

The recommended chemical treatment for a particular pool may vary according to the nature of the water to be used. It is a good idea to have the water balanced for you by Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd,. Ask them to explain the process in simple terms. There are two basic needs for pool water treatment to provide bather comfort and protection:

Control of pH

pH is the scale indicating the degree of acidity or basicity of the water. The logarithmic scale used for pH reading is 0 to 14, with the middle point at 7.0 – below which the water is acidic and above which is alkaline. The recommended range of pH in swimming pool water is between 7.2 and 7.8. Where the pH falls below 7.2, there is a risk of corrosion of metals and the pool finishes. Where the pool water rises above pH 7.8, some disinfectants are not so active, and there may be problems of scaling due to precipitation of calcium salts from the water. The pH is adjusted to the range of 7.2 to 7.8 by the use of acid when the pH rises above 7.8 and alkali when the pH falls below 7.2. Regular addition of pH correction chemicals, as necessary to maintain the ideal pH, will protect the pool, its equipment and the swimmers. It may be necessary to control total alkalinity and calcium hardness to ensure good water balance. If in doubt, seek the advice of Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd.

Control of disinfection

Disinfection of pool water is carried out to rapidly destroy microorganisms that may be harmful to the health of swimmers. It is a prime requirement of swimming pool disinfection that an adequate residual is maintained in the water at all times. There are a number of disinfectants available for swimming pool treatment. Consult Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd for the best one for your use. You will be advised of the level of residual required, it’s testing and method of adding to the water, and you should be given the manufacturer’s literature on the system chosen. The use of Chlorine, in its various donor forms, is still considered to be the safest, best and easiest means of rendering water safe to bathe. If using chlorine then a reading of 1.0ppm / mg/ltr (at pH 7.2) is the lowest safe limit without the backup of ultraviolet or ozone, but generally, 1 to 1.5ppm / mg/ltr is considered to be ideal. Periodic shock dosing will raise the level to 10 / 12ppm mg/ltr, this is generally accepted to be a safe upper limit, for a short period and should ideally be done after the bathing has ceased for the day. Some pool disinfectants are effective in controlling algae growths, while others have only limited algicide properties. Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd will advise you regarding the need for an algicide and all other special treatments required in your particular pool. If more detailed information is required, contact Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd

Automatic testing and dosing equipment

There are some systems on the market that electronically test disinfection and pH level of swimming pool water. Some computer-based machines dose the required number of adjustors internally, while others can be fitted with feeding devices for the chemicals from separate containers. Note: Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and Complete Swimming Pool Solutions Ltd for specific details relating to the above.

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